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There are a number of question and answer interviews under the ABOUT section on the Home page which may be helpful and below there is information on my Urban workshops and these are links to a couple of short videos I have on You Tube. The first is about sketching and location     and the second I am talking about how I drew my large ArcelorMittal Orbit piece

URBAN CHALLENGE WORKSHOPS info taught by Jeanette, belo . Please also check out our other website for more workshops taught by myself or my partner Paul Branford.

After requests from schools and students who have become familiar with my work and use examples in their projects, I have devised the Urban Challenge workshop I take into schools.

Combining contextual study and secondary sources the energy of the city is explored through drawing. The dynamic handling of materials encourage the development of an image from speculative beginnings towards a considered conclusion. Starting with an illustrated power point presentation, I explore my own and other artists work in response to the city. Then through instinctive and imaginative exercises she enables the students to develop a more personal visual language. They then go on to create their own cityscapes from a diverse range of photographs. Depending on the time format, pupils may also go on to work from historical sources and create an imaginative structural drawing.

This workshop is designed for year group 8 and above. It requires each participant to have space to be able to work comfortably with an A1 piece of paper, usually this is on tables but working on a large empty floor is acceptable.

I have recently worked with younger groups in Primary and Prep schools, the students make  3D  tower models with foam board as well as working on drawing exercises, which have been a great success.

I am based in London but can travel beyond to schools I could reach for generally a 9.30 start and the day to finish at 3.30 for secondary schools. Half days are 2-3hours. There is a possibility of staying in overnight b&b accommodation the night before if the school is a long distance away, this and any additional expenses, meals, taxis etc will be added to the full day fee.

Full days at schools and colleges are generally 5 hrs , usually from 9.30 – 3.30  and the fee is £290 or half day fee £220 Travel expenses will be added to the fee. 3D materials also added if schools choose this option.

I teach a limited number of these workshops  per term.

Architecture Student Drawing
Architecture Student Drawing
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