Most of the work in the URBAN DRAWINGS and DRAWING ARCHIVE sections of the site are large compressed charcoal or charcoal drawings and are generally between 200-230 x 151cms (78″-88″x 59″) or 150 x 200-230cms  (59 x 78″-88″) in size dependent on orientation. Nearly all of the large drawings in these sections have very good quality, limited edition reproduction giclee prints in A2, A1 and A0 sizes that can be ordered.
All images are copyrighted.

My practice engages with the constant development within the urban environment. I am fascinated by the way vast architectural projects are changing the nature and demography of given areas. I make many sketches outside and then go back to my studio and begin to build up large pieces through trial and error. These drawings are not about one single moment, but a combination of ideas and experiences, bringing together the most interesting aspects from different sketches to create the final piece. Much of my recent work has centred around the developments within the city of London. I seek to explore the relationship between these built environments and those who inhabit them, sometimes figures are of central importance or of implied presence. I like to use their movement as a metaphor for energy within the city and passage of time. The resulting drawings are very large in size, allowing us to enter the drawing as a physical presence, becoming involved. These works take many months, changing and developing, content evolving and surprising conclusions being made. Through these pieces I want to generate that sense of energy and excitement which is representative of being part of the city.

I have been concentrating on printmaking,  especially monoprinting,  enjoying working quickly and definitely  and  surprisingly love working in a painterly, calligraphic way.  These prints are concerned  as ever with movement and energy within the urban environment and also trying to define some sort of distant space. I feel I have been influenced by looking at the fantastic ancient ink paintings on recent drawing trips to Tokyo and Shanghai.

Even more recently I have added a new section to my site, Found Objects & Sculptures. I go mudlarking on the Thames and have for the past five years been collecting items especially old leather shoes, bones, ceramic pieces, metal and nails and I have been putting them together in to sculptures and wall hangings. At first they seem vastly different from my other work, but they are all connected – history, movement, cities and time which has always been my passion and carries on from my 2015 Show at the Anise Gallery, Time & Tide where drawings and found objects hung side by side. Events are happening in the world which we cannot ignore and has ignited a passion in me inspiring me to create different but yet connected work. All the shoes were found on the Thames, most from a site next to were the Mayflower set sail to Plymouth and then on to it’s epic journey,The largest piece is called To be a Pilgrim.

I have also taught drawing for many years for the Royal Academy of Arts Outreach programme, the Royal Drawing School and on many other projects. I conduct my own Urban drawing workshops in schools and colleges around the country, information on mine and Paul Brandford’s workshops are at www.weexploredrawing.co.uk ( Unfortunately this link is not working at the moment, please go to the Schools and College section for more information)

Jeanette Barnes was born in Lancashire in 1961. She studied for BA Hons Fine Art Liverpool Polytechnic 1980-83, post-graduate painting Royal Academy Schools 1984-87 and MA printmaking Royal College of Art 1987-89. During this time she was awarded John Moores, Henry Moore and Richard Ford scholarships. She has exhibited in many group exhibitions including several times at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, Hunting Group, Drawings For All, Cleveland Drawing Biennale and Jerwood Drawing. Jeanette was a prize-winner in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, Lynn Painter Stainers, Discerning Eye,  Hunting Group, Drawings For All and Jerwood Drawing. Her work is represented in public, corporate and private collections.

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